shell's phone 194Travel, whether it be near or far is without a doubt one of life’s pure pleasures. It can make you feel truly alive, throw you out of your comfort zone and shock you with delightful new experiences, the way nothing else can (well actually kids can do this for you too, but with not quite the same thrill).

It’s worth noting that I did not take my first flight until I was 24 years…. old by some standards and that was to Sydney (just down the road). It was the following year that I took the plunge and decided to travel to Europe on my own for 5 weeks. And that was it, I was hooked. Who isn’t?

Travel has this rare ability to make you shift your thinking and force you to view things literally from another perspective. And in doing this, you cannot help but feel other-worldly. I remember visiting this beautiful beach (Baska Voda) in Croatia, along the Dalmatian Coast.

The natural geography of the place was so confronting and in-your-face, the history of war still so present, the squid we had for supper so fresh and tasty and the European bathers in all their nakedness, put me into sensory overload.

It all felt a little surreal and it was disarming to think that for someone else, this was their life, their environment, their culture and there I was, lucky enough to live it too, if only for a moment.

So, here is where you’ll find my most treasured travel experiences; for the soon-to-be traveller, the seasoned traveller or the hopeful traveller, because we all need a little ‘out of the ordinary’ to make us feel alive.