The Fear Factor

There’s this book that sits on my bookshelf (yes, I officially have one now!) and it’s titled ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway’.

I remember buying it quite some years ago in London and I don’t think I ever really read it from cover to cover (must do), but the title alone grabbed me.

Yes, it is somewhat of a classic in the self-help genre and while full of wisdom, interesting vignettes and research, it is those simple words on the book’s cover which have stuck with me.Feel the fear book

I have over time I’ll admit, altered them somewhat to suit me (‘Stuff it. Just do it!’ is more me) but it is amazing what I have been willing to and capable of doing, once these words were uttered.

Now, you may scoff but I’m a shocking flyer. I mean, anxiety central, get me drunk fast, kiss the ground when we land, kind-a-flyer.

I pity the poor travellers (random and friends alike) who’ve had the misfortune of sitting next to me; the rampant woman who feels compelled to hold their hand and make meaningless conversation, in an effort to forget that she’s in the air.

Yes, I know it’s an irrational fear. Yes, I’m aware you’re more likely to be killed by a bee than die in a plane crash. Yes, I’m pretty sure there is medication for it etc. etc., but for me it is still a FEAR that I am yet overcome.

In my defence however, I’ve never once NOT gotten on an aircraft to get to where I needed to go. I’ve felt the fear, and done it anyway.

So, this was me last weekend. Melbourne, first girls weekend away since BC (before children) and I was super excited…….. But that bloody flight!

Yep, let’s just say it didn’t go incident free. If it wasn’t for Nathan (our amazing flight attendant) literally pushing ‘Happy Hour’ wine our way, it could’ve been a lot worse.

Anyway, personal issues aside now, the point I’m trying to make is that ‘it can be done’. Whatever it is that we might fear, we don’t always need to ‘conquer’ it.

It’s an emotion like any other and admitting that it’s there is natural and just. In fact for me, it’s the fear of being afraid (ironic I know) which is most confronting. Facing it is bloody hard, but not NOT do-able.

You may lose some dignity in the process or wake up with a mild hangover, but it’s good to stick it to that black angry cloud called Fear, who is so quick to dictate to us our direction in life.

So thanks Susan Jeffers for writing a cracking title, (to what I’m sure must be a pretty good book), thanks girlfriends for the hands to hold, thanks Nathan for the wine (it helped a heap) and thanks Melbourne, for having enough of a lure to get me on that plane in the first place. You didn’t

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