Random Events and The Kindness of Strangers: What Makes The World Go Round

No mean feat, pondering what makes the world go round. It’s what I do when I’m not at work.

Yes, I do lots of other things too, but I like to think there is a little wonder in us all and for me, it’s just busting to get out.

So like a good pop song whose chorus hits you in the first two bars of the song, I too feel the need to instantly divulged the answer to this very deep question.

Random, chance happenings and the kindness of strangers seem to be the axis on which our earth keeps on turning and relatively smoothly, all things considered.

Facing Facts

When we stop to think about the fact that there are over 7 billion people on this planet, 196 countries, 4200 different religions and thousands of different ethnic groups, it’s amazing we function as a collective at all.


Yes we’re far from perfect, no not all of us get along and yes life is not all roses, but on the whole I’m damn well amazed at how random and yet wonderful life is.

I read this brilliant book recently that in part, explains the series of random events that allowed life to even exist on earth. Surprisingly the two conditions needed to allow initial forms of life to flourish, were in fact the absence of oxygen in the atmosphere and the presence of cosmic radiation.

Ironic hey?

The transmutation of mono and multicellular organisms encouraged photosynthesis to occur, which in turn led to an oxygen rich atmosphere; thus permitting the evolution of animals that could breathe, as well as protecting life from harmful cosmic radiation.leaf

Yup, pretty cool!

In a process that has taken 3-4 Billion years of evolution, chance and a series of random events has allowed for the continual evolution of species, including our own and I can’t help but feel awed by the series of random events and ripe conditions that brought us to where we are now.

Our part in it all

If we take a slightly more personal approach to this topic of random events, its pretty cool that we even exist, at all.

From two people meeting, in the right circumstances, at the right time, to an act of conception that alone apparently only has around about an 11% chance of success in any given month, to being born, having safely navigated our way through childhood, faced the trials and tribulations of puberty and arrived here at adulthood.

I reckon you could say a hell of a lot of random events led to you being here right now, in the solid state that you are….. and that my friend is epic!

So if we are all here and living The Life, in all its randomness, its quietly comforting to know that as a collective species we all pretty much get along.kind-people

Yes of course there’s war and history has shown that we are capable of truly dreadful things, but I still like to think that as individuals there is this deep seated, quiet acknowledgment that we need to get along and that we want to (for the most part).

It is one thing to naturally treat our family, friends, colleagues and loved ones with kindness, but it is perhaps more admirable that we are capable of treating strangers with kindheartedness.

And before you label me a naive optimist, this is something each of us experience everyday, in varying ways; some obvious and perhaps overt, others in more subtle and unobtrusive ways.

The driver who lets you into the flow of traffic, the coffee shop guy who brings a warm smile with your cup, the lady at the park who helps pick up your child when they fell, the person who offers to take your trolley back for you, the dog-walker who greets you with a ‘G’day’ as you jog by.

We make up the everyday people who are capable of giving and receiving such kindness and in turn, I wonder, of possibly setting off that spark forspark a series of random events to follow.

Just a thought.

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