Give Me A Break!

Sometimes we all need a break. A holiday (if you will) from the everyday.

The chance (if only we could) to just put LIFE on hold, while we relax for a minute, regroup and attempt to regain a sense of who we are without all the noise.

My mind has happily played with this idea of late; images of me stranded in a remote mountainous Buddhist temple spring forth.

So too does the vision of a deserted beach with a sun lounge seductively placed beneath a sighing palm tree, maybe a luscious cocktail complete with tiny umbrella, within arms reach.

Yup, take me there!

It’s a novel idea (not to mention a totally unrealistic one); taking time out from life. Plenty of self-help books out there I’m sure, telling us it’s possible if we simply follow certain steps or establish some routines to allow for a little ‘down time’.alone-time

But Life by it’s very nature is unpredictable, precarious and fickle, so making time for some downtime, doesn’t always come easy for most of us.

The daily ‘struggle’

Some of us face challenges of a personal, family, financial, or work nature everyday and overtime its only natural to feel down right buggered and overwhelmed.

I was in the car this morning during school drop off, on my way to work, screaming toddlers in the back.

My day had started like most other parents I’m sure, at 5 am with demands from little ones to meet their basic human needs; food, drink, toileting, teeth cleaning, dressing, food, finding lost toy, food, food, food!!! All regularly punctuated with bouts of fighting, biting, kicking and crying etc.

You get the picture.

I’m trying to be patient as a parent at this point, placated by the thought of a coffee at some time before 10am.

Anyways, back in the car, racing round and you betcha I’m willing on that vision of the deserted beach. Heck…. lock me in that Buddhist monastery for Pete’s sake!mountain-retreat

Each of us face a myriad of misadventures during the course of any given day, just in our efforts to exist.

Some face far greater challenges than any of us can fathom and this can certainly put our own ‘struggles’ into perspective. You only have to tune into the news or speak with a loved one who’s facing a terminal illness to get the bigger picture.

And this perspective is needed! Yet it doesn’t diminish our desire to break free and take a breather from the everyday and nor should it. In fact quite the reverse.

It’s often then, that we realise wholeheartedly the vital need to properly LIVE life and appreciate its entire spectrum of experiences.

There possibly will never be a perfect time to just take a break from life, but shouldn’t there be moments where we do? And, not feel guilty for it!

What better way to show our value for the life we do have, than by giving ourselves a break from the everyday and permission to do so. This can be the sticking point though.

Give-me-a-break Guilt

That feeling of guilt, sneakily sidles up to us, masked as anger or discontent.

It would be selfish to walk away from the everyday, even just for a brief moment. There is that pile of dishes in the sink to do, groceries to be bought, dinner to be prepared, paperwork to complete before tomorrow, deadlines chasing our tails. ‘This person’s always got their gig together, so why can’t I? What’s wrong with me?’

Nothing of course is wrong, just out of whack!

Whether it’s a solitary walk along the beach on a Monday afternoon, a cheeky ‘sickie’ from work, an early morning bike ride or surf, a quite coffee in your local café or even just a night in on the couch, takeaway in hand, these are moments to saviour.surfing

There’s a bunch of reasons why they don’t happen often (even though they should).I don’t need to tell you that they should be right up there with diet and exercise, in helping to keep us happy, healthy and hopeful.

The simple fact is (I reckon at least) that Buddhist retreats in some remote mountain region are probably never going to happen and even though I live in hope that one day my unromantic husband will shoo me away for a solitary weekend (child-free naturally) to some secluded beach with that sun lounge and condensation dripping cocktail, it’s still just a distant dream.

So instead, I’ve got to stop giving myself the guilts, admit I’m only human and give myself a break, sometimes.

I’m not about to go rogue….. just yet 😉

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