Good Time To Stop

In an age of busyness and hyper-control, it’s bizarre to think that it takes an extreme weather event to stop us in our tracks.

While Cyclone Debbie tragically brought its fair share of destruction to our fellow North Queenslanders, it inadvertently brought a bit of goodwill last week to the rest of the state.

In closing down schools, workplaces and in some cases cutting off electricity, it forced many of us to stop and lay low at home.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that with three little boys at home, this could’ve gone terribly bad. But on the whole, it didn’t.

Yes there were episodes of boredom, moments of madness and cabin fever hits us hard in the second hour, but these were duly noted and we moved on……….eventually!

Time was spent as a family just hanging out, actually playing together, making a mess and generally eating all day.

There was time for talk; nonsense and quality and time for staring out the window.

I can’t remember the last time we honestly did that.

Time and all the obligations and distractions of life were not our dictators for a change.

Instead we had to accepted that we were at the whim of nature, destined to remain within the safe confines of our home and the unpredictability of the goings on inside it.

It’s a confronting revelation to know that we indeed aren’t in control of everything, even though we like to think we are.

The concept of immediacy and the momentum of technological distractions, means that we’re forever chasing life and never actually catching up with ourselves and each other.

Taking the time to stop chasing, stop procrastinating and just existing, is good.

And good is what we all need a little more of.

Not awesome, not great, not even productive. Just good.

An extreme weather event brought a forced ‘stop’ to a hectic life, a chance to calm the storm within and a timely message that simply just being, can do us all a whole lot of good.

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Author: rechelleroz

Hi, I'm Rechelle. Mum to three, energetic (is there any other kind) boys and married to a Pole (he's Polish). We live on the beautiful and aptly named, Sunshine Coast in Australia. We moved here 4 years ago, after a stint in the UK. I'm a teacher, love reading and writing in my spare time and hitting the beach. My secret passion is home-grown philosophy, not the university kind. I love thinking about 'stuff' and pondering our lot in life. I'm also slightly addicted to bakery treats (now there's a whole other blog!)

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