A Functioning Society Needs Women

Some days offer up a chance for reflection, some for action and some for simple acknowledgment of just what is.

Of course, we can do all of these things in ONE day.

As society acknowledged ‘International Women’s Day’, it encouraged me to reflect on what that means and prompted a stirring admiration for all the women, I am fortunate to know.

There are many wonderful humans out there, who just happen to be women.

Here’s a chance to acknowledge their humble lives, reflect on their unfailing contribution to community and shout from the rooftops that they are the ones who arguably make up the most meaningful part of our society.

They may not be the ones in the limelight, hitting the headlines or with massive influence, but their ‘ordinary’ existence amongst the everyday is exactly what makes them worthy of our appreciation and support.

They are the fabric of our society; the ones really running the show from behind the curtain. The ones keeping the family functioning, collaborating in community groups, volunteering their time in schools and libraries.

They are the ones who more often than not, deal with the multitude of dilemmas that child-rearing can bring; picking up poo, placating screaming toddlers, racing round with drop-offs and pick-ups, remembering birthdays and organising a household.

They are the ones who can magnificently multitask, despite feeling frequently overwhelmed; working in a paid professional capacity AND unpaid at home.

They are our mothers; selfless, loving, unfailing (although we all know they’re tired too) and brave.

They are our sisters; accepting, compassionate, candid.

They are our daughters; affectionate, sensitive, energetic.

They are our friends; supportive, dependable, perceptive.

But the one trait all women seem to share, is generosity. An unassuming willingness to give to others, without which I think it’s fair to say, our society simply would not function.

To all the women out there, Thank you.

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Author: rechelleroz

Hi, I'm Rechelle. Mum to three, energetic (is there any other kind) boys and married to a Pole (he's Polish). We live on the beautiful and aptly named, Sunshine Coast in Australia. We moved here 4 years ago, after a stint in the UK. I'm a teacher, love reading and writing in my spare time and hitting the beach. My secret passion is home-grown philosophy, not the university kind. I love thinking about 'stuff' and pondering our lot in life. I'm also slightly addicted to bakery treats (now there's a whole other blog!)

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