A Conversation With Time

Time; we consume it like a grasshopper does a ripe leaf.

We are quick to criticise its confines. We claim it is our greatest enemy and yet if we could, would willingly give up almost anything in order to ‘buy’ more of it.

We are told Time ‘heals all wounds’ but in the same breath, that time is ‘running out’.

With Time, lies the deepest secrets of our past, our hopes and desires for the future and our thoughts and actions of the present.

Each experience we have is trapped in Time, only once to be shared and forever after remain a version of itself, contained within a morphing memory.

“Time and memory are true artists; they remould reality nearer to the heart’s desire”. John Dewey

What power it has!

A duplicitous character, it would seem that Time is our greatest enemy and loyalest companion, all in the same breath. A bit Yin and Yang, Jekyll and Hyde, Tom and Jerry.

And yet, for all this Time is a simple creature; humble, gentle, generous (if allowed to be) and telling.

Pretty cool for a social construct of our own making; Time that is. But what a fascinating foe or friend it can be.

According to website Changing Minds, “If you ask a scientist how many fundamentally things there are in the universe, he or she will probably answer ‘four’. Not four dimensions, but four things that spell STEM: Space, Time, Energy and Matter. Space, energy and matter can be sensed directly with one or more of our five senses, but how are these used to sense time?”

While I’ve always been fascinated by Time, it’s fair to say that I have a love/ hate relationship with it (like most of us I dare say). Time often gets a bad wrap.

Throughout our childhood, teenage years and into adulthood, Time is omnipresent. There, always by our side.

Sometimes seeming a little overbearing perhaps, but there none-the-less. Like a loyal dog to his master, this companionship has many hidden benefits.

Time; a man or woman’s best friend

In rare moments when I have bothered to stop and just be still, I’ve found Time to be a willing companion. Someone/ thing to share a silent conversation with.

Now, hold back on calling me crazy just yet. New Age terminology would label this as ‘being present’, but I prefer to think of these moments as ‘Pause Points’.

Some might refer to it as ‘day-dreaming’ or a ‘tea-break’, but whatever the terminology, however it happens, they’re moments Time graciously affords us.

They can and do happen in random bursts.

I can be sitting in the car without the radio on and suddenly Time offers up a ‘pause point’, giving me a chance to question an event or situation. To ponder people and relationships. Reflect on a moment and wonder what the heck that was all about!

After reading a novel, at the end of a working day, while listening to a song, at night when everybody else has gone to sleep, after chatting with a friend.

Time takes a willing seat beside us at these points and momentarily, obligingly pauses, giving us the chance to stocktake our own thoughts, process them accordingly and open for business as usual, after.

A patient participant

It’s at these ‘pause points’ when we can feel most open and vulnerable and yet come away feeling free or lighter.

Unlike Time which is a constant, Life is unpredictable by nature and has a habit of running away with itself, consuming Time like a greedy child devouring party treats.

But I love the thought of Time remaining there, intent on listening to our thoughts, deeply part of the conversation and generous with it’s attention.

We are quick to judge it, reckless with it and all too often fail to appreciate it. Time deserves our time!

Whether it be in gentle conversation with it or opening up our eyes to it’s humble availability, we need to value it.

And like all good relationships; give to it, just as much as we take from it.

In the legendary words of Gandalf, “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.” J.R.R Tolkien’s ‘Lord of the Rings’.

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Author: rechelleroz

Hi, I’m Rechelle. Mum to three, energetic (is there any other kind) boys and married to a Pole (he’s Polish). We live on the beautiful and aptly named, Sunshine Coast in Australia. We moved here 4 years ago, after a stint in the UK. I’m a teacher, love reading and writing in my spare time and hitting the beach. My secret passion is home-grown philosophy, not the university kind. I love thinking about ‘stuff’ and pondering our lot in life. I’m also slightly addicted to bakery treats (now there’s a whole other blog!)

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  1. This is wonderful Shelley. I am constantly amazed at the depth to which you take your various blogs. You slways make me think more about my own life. Thank you!

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