Sunday Night Blues, BACK OFF!

Ok it’s midweek, but I’m posting this in the hope that it may arm us for the inevitable.

As another glorious weekend winds down, so slides in the Sunday night Blues. Dammit!Sunday beach

You’d think I’d be able to see it coming by now, prepare for it, stare it down. Likewise you’d think I’d have learned that the consumption of alcohol does nothing to alleviate its impending arrival.

So here we are, on a Sunday night and yet again melancholy has seeped into my veins. Not just because I’m up to my armpits in preparation for a working week ahead and unwilling to wave goodbye to another weekend.

But because I’m resisting that forced reality check.

You know it. That sagging feeling, following you around, wrestling with your imagination, medaling with your mood.

It’s the time my husband and I feel most reflective (unfortunately), contemplating our lifestyle, our careers.

We’ve been know to mouth the words ‘Heck! Let’s just throw it all in and go live abroad’ most frequently on a Sunday night. As if you can escape it?Runaway from Sunday

All the things you’d like to do now and all the things you’d like to do tomorrow are shackled by that niggle-some necessity WORK.

Its ability to command your thoughts, feelings and actions is freakish.

Often on this fateful evening, you my wonder what happened to all your grand weekend plans for organised efficiency: catch-up cleaning, scheduled social time, family time, and ha ha ha… ME time.

Sometimes I just will that freak in me to bust out and shout ‘Screw it!, I’m gunna wing it tomorrow’. But I know from past experience that ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ approach, never ends well on a Monday.

So how can we break the vicious cycle of Sunday Night Blues and get on with living?

The Facts

Firstly, you’ll be glad to know somewhat that it is a real phenomenon and that more than half of us (78% a recent international study showed) grapple with it.

Secondly, according to Psychology Today one of the reasons we experience the Sunday Blues is because it can “stir up old feelings from schooldays – long after we leave the education system, our bodies and psyches bring up childhood fears about unfinished homework and tests we’re not prepared for”.

Sounds familiar alright?Sunday Night Blues

So now we feel slightly comforted with this knowledge that we’re not alone or going insane each Sunday evening or suffering from some kind of cyclic Sunday night Groundhog day, can we move past it?


‘Relax and distract’ is one solution offered up in this article by the Huffington Post, but if you’re like me I can’t relax precisely because I’m distracted by the all the incoming items on my ‘to do’ list, to get done, before tomorrow starts!

I’ve tried distracting myself with alcohol (as mentioned above) but this only seems to bring on a heightened awareness of my emotional state. Also not a viable long-term solution.

There is the obvious answer that I’m almost reluctant to mention for fear of my own reprisal. It does involve that all annoying process of (uhhhh) being organised. More ‘organisation’ on a Friday afternoon may avoid any necessary preparations (taking place on a Sunday), required for the start of a new week.

Bleh….. even saying that out loud hurts! That’s just NOT going to happen, I think you’ll agree.organised

So where does that leave us?

I could offer up a few serious solutions eg allocate a reward/ treat for yourself, something to look forward to, almost as leverage to get you through this sagging Sunday eve. An episode of ‘Game Of Thrones’ used to do this for me.

But in all honesty, if I’m being real, it’s the bleeding obvious; knuckle down, strap yourself in and wade through it. It’s tried and tested.

There IS no ‘beating’ those Sunday evening blues, except in facing up to them, slapping them about a bit and reminding yourself that the imagined Monday will never be quite as scary or as daunting as its reality.

And surprise, surprise, we always manage to get by somehow, someway, relatively unscathed on that meddlesome Monday.Half bottle wine

If not……then that half drunk bottle of Sunday wine comes in super handy for a Monday afternoon session.


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