Hello world!

MeYes, Hello cyber world indeed! As I make my first foray into the scary world of on-line blogging, I feel incredibly nervous, clumsy, excited and bewildered all at the same time. To be absolutely honest, I’m totally crap at anything tech related and so attempting to set up this online blog was like giving birth to twins all over again; painful, upsetting and downright exhausting. But there was this wonderful moment of elation when it just ‘worked’ and at the moment, I am feeling chuffed at simply being able to write and share it.

This too now brings with it a whole new stage of uncertainty. I feel a lot of the time uncertain when it comes to how I should raise my kids, how I should be a committed partner, how I should devote myself to my job and so on. But this time round, I reckon it’s time to put that constant, nagging voice of uncertainty into the bin and just throw caution to the wind. Let’s see where this takes me.

Yes, Hello World indeed. I’m coming at you!


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